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New & Noteworthy

Diseases/Syndromes emerge at the nexus of Biology, Naming, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment, Prevention, and Cost, all of which are in flux. Names, explanations, and management change. Diseases/Syndromes come, go, are combined, or split. Articles from journals indexed in PubMed featured in New and Noteworthy are selected to help veterinarians keep abreast of those changes.

Canine; Hodgson KJ. Comparison of three rebound tonometers in normal and glaucomatous dogs. Vet Ophthalmol [] 28 Nov
Canine; Christodoulou V. Clinical and clinicopathologic discriminators between canine acute monocytic ehrlichiosis and primary immune thrombocytopenia. Topics Compan Anim Med [] 28 Nov
Canine; Constantinescu R. Computed tomographic findings in dogs with suspected aspiration pneumonia: 38 cases (2014-2019). J Small Anim Pract [] 28 Nov
Feline; Carli E. Clinicopathological findings and risk factors associated with Cytauxzoon spp. infection in cats: A case-control study (2008-2021). Front Vet Sci [] 28 Nov
Canine; Joergensen D. Heritability estimates of distichiasis in Staffordshire bull terriers using pedigrees and genome-wide SNP data. Acta Vet Scand [] 28 Nov
Canine; Visser J. Prognostic factors for continence after surgical correction of ectopic ureters of 51 dogs with long-term follow-up. Acta Vet Scand [] 28 Nov
Equine; Cox EG. A survey on the use of rugs in Australian horses. Aust Vet J [] 28 Nov
Canine; Moretti G. Palliative repeated electroporations of oral tumours in dogs: A case series. Front Vet Sci [] 28 Nov
All Species; Rishniw M. The terms asymptomatic and subclinical are the same in the veterinary lexicon: a critical analysis. J Am Vet Med Assoc [] 26 Nov
Equine; Tnibar A. Intra-articular 2.5% polyacrylamide hydrogel, a new concept in the medication of equine osteoarthritis: A review. J Equine Vet Sci [] 26 Nov
Feline, Canine; Jacobson E. Clinical features, outcomes, and long-term survival times of cats and dogs with central nervous system cryptococcosis in Australia: 50 cases (20002020). J Am Vet Med Assoc [] 26 Nov
Equine; Deniaud M. Susceptibility pattern of bacterial isolates in equine ulcerative keratitis: Implications for empirical treatment at a university teaching hospital in Sydney. Aust Vet J [] 26 Nov
Equine; Goni JI. Recovery of Salmonella bacterial isolates from pooled fecal samples from horses. J Vet Intern Med [] 26 Nov
Canine; Nybroe S. Outcome of Acquired Fanconi Syndrome Associated with Ingestion of Jerky Treats in 30 Dogs. Animals [] 26 Nov
Canine; Mueller RS. A randomised, double-blinded comparison between subcutaneous rush and intralympathic allergen immunotherapy induction in atopic dogs. Vet Dermatol [] 25 Nov
Canine; Stee K. Spinocerebellar ataxia in the Bouvier des Ardennes breed is caused by a KCNJ10 missense variant. J Vet Intern Med [] 25 Nov
Canine; Cridge H. Cardiovascular abnormalities in dogs with acute pancreatitis. J Vet Intern Med [] 25 Nov
Canine; Uetsu Y. Association of the origin of contamination and species of microorganisms with short-term survival in dogs with septic peritonitis. Aust Vet [] 25 Nov